About Us

The leader in design, engineering, tool making, wax injection, post-cast machining, and quality services to meet customer specified needs.

Princeton Tool is a full service manufacturing facility that has and continues to support the aerospace, medical, and power generation industries.

After being established in 1997, Princeton Tool has focused on providing it's customers with support in designing and manufacturing complex tooling, such as wax pattern dies, ceramic core tooling, gages and fixtures. Within a few years, the founder of the company, Ken Bevington II, saw an opportunity to expand his companys' services by offering customers machining operations on their investment castings. Princeton Tool removes unwanted material from your product providing you with near net shape castings through the use of conventional machining (turning, milling, and drilling), electrical discharge machining (wire and sinker), grinding, and waterjet.

Shortly after the machining operations started, the wax department was developed. With quality support from CMM, x-ray, and wall equipment, the department offers core prep/inspection, pattern dressing, pining, and gate/wax assembly.

We can now design, manufacture, inject, and provide dip-ready molds. These molds can then be cast at your facility and returned to Princeton Tool for the necessary machining operations required before shipping to the end users.

Princeton Tool has the best equipment, staff, and quality systems in place for your project to provide you additional time, floor space, and capital.