Our goal is to share a common mission and objectives on all levels of our company. Due to its desire and commitment to support the advancement of our customers, Princeton Tool has equipped itself with the necessary tools.

Consequently, we take pride in our quality program which meets the most stringent specifications, clearly superior to established standards in many industries. We are recognized by U.S. government agencies that oversee all technical exchange data and production of goods related to military manufacturers.

Quality Statement

Princeton Tool Co. specializes in EDM & CNC machining on customer supplied products from a variety of industries.

The Company is committed to supply finished product that are fit for use, produced correctly first-time-every-time, with superior quality and to customer satisfaction.

We promote a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements, continual improvement and setting of Quality Objectives established within our AS9100 system.

Quality problems arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency, and economy. The success of our Company relies upon the cooperation and involvement of personnel at all levels. Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement will ensure the continued success of the Company and the satisfaction of our customers.

The Quality Manager is authorized to ensure that the requirements of this Quality System are implemented. Any quality problems that cannot be resolved between the QM and departments or personnel shall be brought to my attention for final resolution.

K.P. Bevington, Milt Boggs & Rory Srebernak


The Quality Management System of Princeton Tool Inc. incorporates the process approach where consistent and predictable results are achieved more effectively and efficiently when activities are understood and managed as interrelated processes.

Princeton Tool originally achieved registration to the international quality management standard ISO 9001 in 2009.

The company advanced its registration to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D in 2016. As a focused effort, we have recently obtained GE Aviation Quality Specifications S-1000 Certification and GE Aviation Special Processes (EDM) Certification_GT193, with the intention of pursuing NADCAP certification early 2021.

Quality is maintained as a primary value and leader of our company. Every operation released to production has established procedures, documentation and controls in place such that a reproducible and consistently high standard of suitable work is achieved. Quality is integral to the philosophy and activities of Princeton Tool. From time of bid and proposal through review of end item data packages, quality is a participant.

Our quality team works closely with production to allow for and encourage feedback. The pursuit of continual improvements ensures the evolution and accuracy of our procedures, which often result in identifying potential opportunities for eliminating non-conformances. We promote an increased awareness and understanding of project requirements and intent amongst the employees through all stages of projects.

Princeton Tool works diligently to establish and control measurable objectives to ensure our work continues to satisfy the requirements of our customers and relevant authorities.

We continually seek to enhance performance using modern techniques. The use of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies are applied to processes that may be prone to substantial variation or offer opportunity to improve workflow.